jueves, 10 de octubre de 2013

The Quest - Lyrics

The Quest has lyrics and you can read them here:

The Quest tiene letra y pueden leerla aquí:

Light-years from home
In an eternal quest
Searching for the soul of stars,
As well as for my own.
Like a child afraid of darkness,
Like a stingray out of water,
Naked in the cosmic ocean,
Thirsty in the sea of questions,
Stepping in ethereal soil,
Leaving footprints in an empty road,
I´m letting fall my stones
and righting my own wrongs.
There is no need to walk away,
It makes no sense breaking into tears.
I will uproot anger and pride,
And will gently look inside.
Being part of all around
But with a cosmos in my heart,
I will finish this useless getaway,
I won´t look for answers far away.
My closed eyes will see my soul
And a free mind will rise above.
Never again I will look at the emptiness

As, my inner being is all I need

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